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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"I AM" free!

I AM finally finished with my debut single "I AM"!  As promised, you can now download it completely free!

How to download
See the player at the bottom of this post?  "I AM" is the first song.  There's a download button that looks like this: 

Just click it, and the song is all yours!  You don't have to join ReverbNation or become my fan on the site.  The track is yours to enjoy. 

A little about the song
"I AM" is my first release as a solo artist.  While I've written the vast majority of music an lyrics during my time as front man for TAINTED and Sons of One, I've always had to curb the message in order to make sure I didn't misrepresent the views and opinions of my band mates.  As a solo artist, I have complete freedom to express myself.  That's why I chose to write "I AM" as an introduction to what people will get from me.  

Also, this song is all me.  I wrote it myself.  I performed all the parts myself, including drums.  I recorded the whole thing myself, with the exception of engineering the drum tracks.  My band mate Moe Girard helped me with those, for which I'm extremely grateful.  He and TAINTED bassist Kevin Harman co-own the Quarry Studio where I tracked everything.  

Of course, I also mixed and mastered the track myself.  
(Special note to musicians: If you like what you hear, I'm available to mix or master your recordings as well.  Check out my business Bravo Productions.)

How you can help me
The songs is free as free can be.  You don't owe me a cent.  You can share it with anyone you want.  In fact, I'd love it if you did!  If you dig the music, do me a favor - LIKE me on Facebook.  Tweet this blog post!  Use the share buttons below to spread the word.  Fan up on ReverbNation if you're on that awesome site.  Are you still on MySpace?  Friend up with me there!

And ultimately, if you feel you really need to toss some money my way to help me continue to make music there's a free will donation button at the top of this page.  I'd be eternally grateful for whatever you'd see fit to give.  But my music isn't for sale.  It's free to you and everyone.  There's no pay wall to enjoy my stuff, and right now I'm pretty sure there never will be.  I don't make music to make money.  I make music to say what I need to say.

Thanks for listening.  Seriously.


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